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You are selling to people who are NOT seeking your product - everyone you can find out there, including your friends and family, who may start to avoid you if you keep pressuring them, needless to say.

Most people do not want to join an MLM and find its products to be overly priced, so it's a huge uphill battle.

Common sense should tell you that if a system is good, it will not need to exaggerate or mislead, only bad systems need to employ such tactics.

b) If you are selling something of value that is worth its price, then those who need it will buy it, if you can get it to them. You just need to be friendly and helpful and provide good customer service.

Here is a short video This video is a bit misleading in a number of ways. It's a cheesy psychological trick to make you think that $3600 a week is easy to achieve, without directly telling you so. Even though I can see through it, it's too bad there are many suckers out there who will not.