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You meet a really cute girl and manage to get through that without mentioning that you are, in fact, an Uncyclopedian. I'd love to see you next week, but I'll be too busy sticking my balls in a pencil sharpener, brrr." 95. "I suffer from every perversion on the list of the Worst 100 Sexual Perversions.

A few hours later, you pick her up, open your mouth, and the date ends. I like to make it a challenge for women to get me going." 93.

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"Well, I *technichally* didn't murder the bitch." 3.7 "AHHHHHH SKEET SKEET!!! "Could you close your eyes for a second, I just wanna imagine what you look like unconscious." 2. "You know, I think if your sister can do the reverse cowgirl, then you should be able to too." 0.5.

"I'll lick your pussy until it leaks out the water and then you can suck on my dick until the white stuff comes out." 4. (crying) I am so happy that you asked me on a date!!!

They're lying, by the way.) (Jump down to the girls' section) "'102."' "Do youp swallow? "I'm getting sick of waiting, can I fuck you now?!?!?

Like, really like kids." - This should be followed by the Pedosmile 94. "Holy shit, look at the tits on the piece of ass on table 3! (After sex) "But your Myspace account said you were 18!

And its great, with them, I don't even need to use protection!

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    1983 saw the release of another Atari 2600 game, X-Man.

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    Tweaking your profile: If you're getting the type of responses you're looking for, great.