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One selfie is alright, but avoid a selfie outbreak by providing more alternative, classier options. Having 1 or 2 photos is sufficient, but why wouldn’t a user want to add more?

Try adding a headshot, a full length picture and photos of your favorite activities.

Although we would never require professional images, make sure your photos look clean and crisp.

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Activity-based photos show personality and engage prospective dates.

No one wants to date a boring girl, show them your fun side!

When describing yourself, keep the length in between a tweet and a novel.

1 or 2 sentences just doesn’t cut it, 2 or 3 paragraphs is just right, and anything more can lose their attention.

Remember, you want to leave a lasting impression, so this really counts! OK, so if a male offers you a $100 bid you have to accept, right? The average bid on Whats Your is now $130, so that $100 is not so high after all.